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The YMD 2018 is an international and multicultural event that will gather young students and junior professionals together for a weeklong (9th – 15th September) event held in the military residence “Don Quijote”, in downtown Madrid. It will be possible thanks to the support of our biggest sponsors, the Spanish Ministry of Defence, and especially through the guide and coordination of DICOES-SEGENPOL, and the Political Affairs and Security Policy Division of NATO.

This program seeks to give information and education about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Our program aims to raise awareness about the major political and security issues that our world faces today, and to be a vehicle for our young generation to get involved in finding solutions for building peace and stability.

They will come face to face with senior military officers, diplomats, and academics who will provide enriching lectures, thought provoking demonstrations and offer participants the chance to ask any questions of their own.

The diverse community created at the event will include young people from NATO and MENA, all of whom shall get to experience different aspects of military life that otherwise remain unavailable to the general public.

It truly is an opportunity not to be missed!



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