COAJE’s Executive Board

Ana María Martín is the President of the Spanish Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (COAJE).

Ana María is the President of COAJE, the Atlantic Treaty Association of Spain. Ana María has been a member of the Spanish Youth Atlantic Treaty  Association for 2 years; participating in several conferences and events within the association and outside of it.

Ana studies International Relation and Global Communication in Madrid. Currently doig her thrid year in this degree, Ana has participated in conferences in her university, giving her the chance to spread her knowledge on international security and defence. She is fluent in Spanish and English, and an active learner of French and Arabic.



Pino Penilla is COAJE’s Secretary General.

Pino graduated in International Relations. She holds a Master in Security and Defence. Currently, she is studying a Master in Analysis of Intelligence
and working as Analyst of Intelligence in the Cibersecurity Department of Prosegur. So far she has taken different courses.

She has focused her studies in Jihadist Terrorism and nowadays she is member of ESERP Scientific Observatory about Analysis of Terrorist Risks and Threats. This year, 2018, she has published a book called: “El continente africano: un estudio geopolítico en red”, focusing in Nigerian armed conflict and Boko Haram. (ISBN: 978-84-17149- 69-7).
Until now, she has lived in different countries: Unites Stated, France and, nowadays, in Madrid (Spain). She is fluent in Spanish, English, French and learning Arabic.
Pino is a very outgoing and organized person. She is very committed to the promotion of Defence Culture at national and international level.


Mario Zorrilla is COAJE’s Treasurer.

Mario studies Business Administration in the Carlos III University. He is passionate about Finance what made him attend to different courses like one organized by BME, the firm in charge of running Spanish stock market. He lived in Paris where he studied one semester of his bachelor and also one summer in Moscow.
All of these experience have made him a hard working person with a big commitment in the projects where he is participating.
Mario speaks English, French, Russian and he is especially interested in the Eastern Flank and the future relationships between NATO and Russia.


Esther Muñoz is in charge of Vice-presidency of Communications.

Nowadays Esther studies Law and Journalism in URJC. She wishes to be lawyer but she would also like to work as a war correspondent.
Esther is interested in defense but mostly in the paper of women in defense. She was delegate in URJCMUN2017 in legal committee. Thanks to her experience in Brussels, she speaks fluent French and English.


María Muñoz is COAJE’s Vice-president of Diplomacy.

Maria studies International Studies at Carlos III University of Madrid. She is currently participating in an exchange program at George Mason University near Washington DC due  May 2019. She intends to focus her studies on International security, Intelligence, and Geopolitics in the MENA region. She has participated in numerous seminars, workshops and conferences related to these topics such as, the YATA conference in Lisbon in 2018.

Thanks to her international experiences, she is fluent in Spanish and English and speaks French and some German. Her experience working on different protocol events has  provided her with teamwork and conflict-solving skills and she always want to enrich her knowledge regarding new issues.