COAJE’s Executive Board

Claudia Peña is the President of the Spanish Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (COAJE).

Claudia is the President of COAJE, the Atlantic Treaty Association of Spain. The dedication of Claudia towards NATO and Youth Atlantic Treaty Association is outstanding. Claudia has been Secretary General of the Spanish Youth Atlantic Treaty Association for 2 years; she has also been Vice-President for Public Outreach for YATA International and Vice-president for Public Diplomacy of the Spanish Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (COAJE).

Claudia studied Law and Business Administration and Management and has been working for the Corporate Communication Division at Banco Santander, one of the leading financial institutions in the country. COAJE’s President is also part of Women CEO network. Claudia has also strong communication skills; she has been Moderator of the United Nations General Assembly at the Model United Nations Morocco (MUNM) “Girls and Women, Focus and Actor” and she has been finalist of Madrid’s School Debating Championship in 2010 and 2012. In 2015 she was elected as the representative of the Spanish speaking youth in the world for the first homage to the Spanish language, she gave her speech at the Congress of the Kingdom of Spain. She is currently studying Garrigues Legal English Program, TOLES exam.

As an open-minded and curious citizen of the world, Claudia wishes to work abroad and to meet new cultures that will enrich her perspective and understanding of controversial issues. She is fluent in Spanish, English and German.


Inés Trigo is COAJE’s Secretary General.

She studied Business Administration and, regarding International Security and Defense, she is especially interested on cybernetic security and on political theories, evaluating interconnected interests, objectives and actors’ movements in the international arena.

She studied International Business & Economics in Universität Hohenheim in Stuttgart in 2016 to improve her knowledge on the EU.
She became as a member of COAJE in 2012 and in 2014 she was Director of Operations before being elected Vice-President for Organization in 2015.
She has been part of YATA conferences like PAYS in Lisbon in 2014.
She has leadership and teamwork skills and she always wants to learn more. Inés is fluent in Spanish, English, Italian, German and she also speaks Portuguese.


The treasurer and vice-president of finances of COAJE is Álvaro Venegas.

Álvaro studied Business Administration and is currently a young professional dedicated to Auditing and Finances in the fifth biggest Auditing Company in Spain, BDO: he works in the Risk Advisory Department. He graduated in Business Administration and Management with a concentration in finance, taking several courses on risk, investing and stock markets. His studies lead him to get an award at the 2015 “Las Cuentas Cuentan” Economic Essay Contest held in Madrid by the ICJCE. In 2016 he lived in Glasgow (United Kingdom), where he was both studying and working. He also spent the summer of 2015 in Lima (Peru), teaching and caring for 20 children living in a foster home in one of the poorest areas of the city.

These experiences have built the committed and hardworking person who is now willing to fully commit to what he does. Álvaro is especially interested in the role of the Spanish Forces in international missions, specifically in Middle East and Africa.


Esther Muñoz is in charge of Vice-presidency of Communications.

Nowadays Esther studies Law and Journalism in URJC. She wishes to be lawyer but she would also like to work as a war correspondent. Esther is interested in defense but mostly in the paper of women in defense. She was delegate in URJCMUN2017 in legal committee. Thanks to her experience in Brussels, she speaks fluent French and English.


Vice-presidency of Public Diplomacy is lead by Rosario Soler.

Rosario is  studying International Studies. Since she was very young she has participated in exchange programs in the UK and France. She was a delegate in the second edition of the Youth Mediterranean Dialogue and one of the organizers of the third edition. Before being elected Vice-president for Public Diplomacy of COAJE she spent half a year working in the Communications vice-presidency. In addition to this, she has participated in various MUNs and YATA conferences. As an ambitious person, she takes part in different projects. She is the students’ representative at UC3M and she’s recently being accepted as an intern at the Institute of International Relations in Prague, where she will be researching on security issues.

Rosario is fluent in Spanish, English, French, and can even speak some Arabic, which is her latest challenge. She would like to specialize in Intelligence, Defence and Security studies.


Sonia Velázquez is COAJE’s Vice-president of Organization.

Sonia graduated in International Relations and Translation and Interpreting. She is licenced in International Security in the Mediterranean and the Middle East and she holds a Master in Energy Management, Oil and Gas. She has focused her studies on Geopolitics of Energy and Resources and nowadays she is taking an internship in one of the biggest energy and gas oil Spanish and global companies, while she continues studying and publishing about energy and security, preparing herself for her future Ph.D. Sonia is interested in the MENA region and energy security.

She is fluent in Spanish, English, French and speaks some German and she has combined those activities related with security with communication activities, such as translations or articles for organisms like UNICEF or the French Embassy. She is a very organized and outgoing person.