Mujeres, Nuestra seguridad y defensa

On April 5th, 2018 in Fundación Diario de Madrid took place our special event: “Mujeres, Nuestra Seguridad y Defensa”. There we could see how the military women have been able to overcome those difficulties for their gender.

We have the pleasure to meet Mrs. Carmen Álvarez Arenas, who is member of the Spanish Atlantic Association´s; Pilar Laguna Sánchez, who is leading the National Defense Higher Education Diplomat Association; Lieutenant Alejandra Navas, an active member of the body of volunteer reservist; Commander Pilar Bandera, Chief of psychology service of emergency military unit (UME); Lieutenant Colonel Ana Betegón, Chief of medical aerial unit for deployment support and Colonel Patricia Ortega García, who is part of body of polytechnic engineers integrated in the Army.