YMD 2016 madrid

The Youth Mediterranean Dialogue will gather one hundred outstanding students and junior professionals from all over the world in the city of Madrid from the 12th to the 18th September 2016

ymd 2015 madrid

Tenemos el honor de anunciar que estamos a punto de lanzar el proceso de solicitud para el the Youth Mediterranean Dialogue (YMD) que se celebrará en Madrid.




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The key role of the Ministry of Defense

Dear atlantic community,
As you all know, the Third Edition of the Youth Mediterranean Dialogue is going to take place this September in Madrid, the Kingdom of Spain.

Our event gathers university students and young professionals willing to be heard, and in Madrid they have found their place thanks to the Spanish Ministry of Defense and its DICOES (Division of coordination and security and defense studies).

The accommodation at the Don Quijote Military Residence, all meals, including coffee breaks, as well as other logistic expenses inside the military facilities are courtesy of the Ministry and DICOES.

The Spanish MOD is committed to the development of young communities from all over the world, and thanks to their faith on us, their financial support and hard work, we have been able to bring together more than a 100 outstanding students and young professionals to debate in Madrid from the 12th to the 18th of September.


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