Past events

Youth European Debate

This month, Paloma Garrido participated in the event "YOUTH EU DEBATE", organized by the European Student Think Tank. During the seminar different aspects were discussed, but all focused on the EU perspective. 

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European Student Think Tank_pUdmmnB.pdf (292.1 KB)

COAJE General Assembly

Last Friday took place COAJE G.A. It started with the introduction of the four new members we are glad to have.
The main topic addressed was the #YMD2017. Claudia Peña, President of COAJE, explained the preaparation and development of the event (which will be held in Madrid next September). There are some remarkable changes done concerning the program: new format  (workshops instead of committees), a more professional target....

Besides, during the GA COAJE members agreed to write once a year in this newsletter, so you will be able to read them all!

But there is still more, on June we will organized (with Carlos III University and the Polan Naval School) an event focused on both NATO flanks; we decided to prepared 3 annual events (one specialized for women, and the Youth Mediterranean Dialogue. What's more, two members suggested organizing something for children and teenagers (if we want to create a culture of Defence, we have to start from the beginning) and another proposed visiting a police station (focusing on the scientific police department as one member of COAJE is doing her internship there).

The coming months will see which projects succeed, stay tunned!