Created twenty-one years ago, in 1994, The Mediterranean Dialogue reflects the Alliance’s view that security in Europe is closely linked to security and stability in the Mediterranean. The Dialogue is a forum of cooperation between NATO and seven countries of the Mediterranean: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia, whose aim is "to create good relation and better mutual understanding and confidence throughout the region, promoting regional security and stability and explaining NATO's policies and goals”.

Focused on this initiative, COAJE (the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Spain) strongly believes that it is time to call on new generations to give them the chance to be heard at the Youth Mediterranean Dialogue which will be held in the Kingdom of Spain, the geopolitical and natural connection between our two seas and therefore, between the Euro-Atlantic region and the Mediterranean region.

It is within this framework that we consider Madrid, the capital, as the ideal place for celebrating this event, gathering one hundred highly motivated and outstanding students from all over the world during the last fortnight of September.

This program seeks to give information and education about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, its history, its values, its principles, its tasks and its decision making process. Our intensive and comprehensive academic program aims to raise awareness on the major political and security issues that our world faces today, demonstrate the need to work together as one in the international world, and finally, be a vehicle for our young generation to get involved in finding solutions for building peace and stability.

In the beginning of to the Youth Mediterranean Dialogue, participants will have the opportunity to attend academic conferences of experts on Mediterranean issues, politicians, judges, military officers and diplomats in order to work out delegates at the subject matter of discussion.

Once involved in this world, delegates will take their seats in the NATO decision making process, defending the interest of a member state or a MENA country at one of the following committees (35 participants per committee), where two topics will be discussed.

1. Deputy Committee 1: On NATO AND THE EASTERN FLANK

  1. Ukraine, Russia and nuclear deterrence in Eastern Europe
  2. NATO&EU&UN international cooperation​

2.  Deputy Committee 2: On NATO Projection Of Stability Towards The South

  1. Defining a strategy for the South: countering hybrid, asymmetric and emerging threats.
  2. Interoperability: connecting NATO Forces

3. Deputy Committee 3: Commission On The Future Of The Alliance

  1. Enlargement of the Alliance and the future of partnerships
  2. NATO's Adaptation: from Cardiff to Warsaw and onwards

Participants will not only learn the importance of the Alliance when it comes to global peace, security and stability but visit prestigious and interesting institutions where they will have the chance to get a closer look about the synergy of military and civil life while living in and visiting different military facilities, or how real diplomacy works while visiting the Center for Higher Studies of Defense and the Diplomatic School of Spain, as well as how new technologies are applied in our defense and security systems while visiting Airbus Headquarter. Finally, they will also be able to enjoy the beautiful city of Madrid and see plenty that it has to offer. 

During the event, all the participants will be hosted in the Military Residence Don Quijote. It will be possible as we are sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Defence, among other expenses they will take it over in order to support youth initiatives in field of defense culture. 

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