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Patricia Moreno Fernández

Patricia discovered her passion for national and international security and defense while pursuing a Degree in International Studies, which led her to enroll in the Master in Geopolitics and Strategic Studies, both at Universidad Carlos III of Madrid. She is now studying a Master's degree in Leadership, Diplomacy and Intelligence at FESEI.

She works as an independent analyst on security, jihadist terrorism and armed conflict in Western Africa. Her personal interests also include geopolitical dynamics in the MENA region and in NATO’s sphere of influence. She has extensive international experience, having studied abroad and worked with teams in Canada, United Kingdom or France, to cite some.

Secretary General

Raquel Lorente Arévalo

Raquel has always been interested in encounters with other cultures, which is why she decided to study a year abroad in Ireland during high school. This experience, in addition to her attentiveness in the law field, led her to study International Relations, Law and Integral Leadership at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. She is passionate about the Asia-Pacific region, and therefore a member of the Society of Asian Studies UFV; as well as about international security and defense, and private international law.


In order to gain experience in these fields, she has been awarded an internship at the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, specifically at the Office of the Deputy Director of International Security Affairs.




Aida Lorca Arce


Iván Santo Tomás López

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