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AI in its importance during war times

Artificial Intelligence in the defense sector

March 2023

Today the term "Artificial Intelligence" resonates in various fields such as technology and warfare. But what is Artificial Intelligence and what role can it play in a period of war?

Artificial Intelligence is a combination of algorithms and machines that replicate human capabilities. A technology that is part of our routine: your voice assistant tells you the news of the day or you have arrived at work avoiding traffic jams thanks to real time traffic updates. (IBERDROLA, s.f.)

Artificial Intelligence in terms of weaponry poses a serious ethical and moral problem, as it allows machines to make the decision to kill or not. It must be borne in mind that these robotics are capable of thinking like humans, even acting like humans. This is why, for the major powers, those who master Artificial Intelligence will have a greater capacity on the battlefield, as it will be the technology that studies, analyses, and plans the strategy in a short space of time, that is to say, automatically.

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