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ATA Spain Award: NATO 2030

A finalist paper of the Award

July 2022

On 24 February, Russia's aggression in Ukraine changed the course of international relations forever, entering a new phase and thereby changing the goals previously set by the North Atlantic Organization (NATO). Recent events on the Eastern flank have revived old fears on European soil, leading to a shift in the geostrategic paradigm of the international community. President Putin's Russian invasion has had the opposite effect on the transatlantic link than it was intended to have, doing far more for allied unity and cohesion than any NATO declaration, meeting or initiative that might have been undertaken in an attempt to achieve greater unity within the organization. In this new phase, every effort must be made to maintain and further strengthen that unity. Allies must seek to preserve the unity of all those who believe in and faithfully support these values, for the bond that unites us with the West is born of a shared and mutual sense of justice, equality and the defence of shared principles and values. This unity, now more than ever, is essential for the safeguarding of Euro-Atlantic security.


  • Introduction

  • Spain's role as host nation for the NATO 2022 Summit

  • European Union - NATO complementarity

  • Challenges and threats facing NATO

  • Bringing women into NATO

  • Conclusion: Madrid's new strategic concept

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