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FRONTEX in the present global system

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency

June 2023

Frontex is the acronym for the “European Border and Coast Guard Agency”. It is responsible for leading cooperation on external border security and migration management. The agency was established in 2004 and its base is located in Warsaw, Poland. It works closely with EU Member States, Schengen associated countries, national border management agencies and other relevant organizations to address the challenges of irregular migration, human trafficking and other cross-border crimes.

Frontex's responsibilities include the coordination of joint operations to address irregular migration and promote the protection of European borders. In addition to the training of border guards and the provision of technical and operational assistance in external border control; this involves the exchange of information, planning and implementation of joint operations, as well as technical and financial assistance to improve border control. It also has an important role in protecting the fundamental rights of migrants and refugees, ensuring that operations and activities carried out in the framework of its activities comply with EU law and international human rights standards. It is essential to bear in mind that while Frontex is responsible for border management and migration cooperation, migration policy and decisions on the granting of visas and asylum are the responsibility of individual EU Member States.

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