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Global trident

China, Russia & Iran

December 2022

We are facing a new international scenario, where we are entering more and more into a gray zone. This is a difficult time: we are living through what could be the greatest polarization in history since World War II.

There are many factors that jeopardize our security on a daily basis, and therefore our defense, or perhaps first our defense and consequently our security. Anyway, leaving this aside, I am going to reflect on a silent and continuous war that is taking place in a relatively new battlefield, the cyberspace, and specifically referring to Asian actors.

The SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation), formed on June 15, 2001, is a Eurasian political, economic and security organization whose Secretary General is Zhang Ming, a diplomat of the Communist Party of China. The SCO is the largest cooperation organization in the world in terms of its geographical extension and the large population it represents, even bigger than NATO.


  1. China

  2. Russia

  3. Iran

  4. What can be expected in the short term from China, Russia and Iran?

  5. How does all this affect Spain?

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