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Iran and Israel at the crossroads, and the ineffectiveness of future economic sanctions

The role of the United States

January 2023

Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Iran and Israel have engaged in clandestine actions against each other. Israel is under a constant threat because Iran sees them as their greatest enemy. Israel’s nation-state was built as a response to existential threats such as antisemitism, Arab nationalism-Pan-Arabism and the one that will be analyzed further on, the Iranian threat. Iran’s nuclear power can alter Israel’s deterrence power and the balance of power in the region; therefore, Iran is an existential threat as they are capable of changing their values and the way they rule against Israel's will.

It is not a secret that along this conflict, Iran has violated several human rights and pacts and those should be punished, but imposing economic sanctions on a country whose economy is not very strong to begin with, will have devastating consequences and the worst will be suffered by the most vulnerable people in the country. Iran has been sanctioned multiple times on the last decades, one example was United States after the known Iranian Revolution in 1979, which was a popular uprising in Iran from 1978 to February 11, 1979 and led to the toppling of the monarchy on February 11, 1979, and resulted in the establishment of an Islamic republic.

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