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THE IRAQ WAR: Background, invasion, current relevance and international law analysis

Iraq War (2003)

September 2022

The Iraq War broke out on 20 March 2003. Warplanes and warships bombing operation began, followed by coalition troops intervening on the ground and completely defeating Iraqi formations. A month later, Iraqi resistance was defeated, and US troops took control of Baghdad. Finally, on 1 May of the same year, George W. Bush, the US president, announced the end of the fighting in Iraq. But Iraq was already deeply embroiled in chaos and the occupation of Iraq was tremendously convulsive.

In fact, this invasion was far from the end of the Iraq War. In the meantime, Britain and the United States set up a provisional government in Iraq. Iraq's civilian administration was taken over by the Organisation for Reconstruction and Humanitarian Aid in Iraq, initially headed by former military officer Jay Garner, who was later replaced by Paul Bremer, who served as the civilian administrator of the West Asian country.

  1. Iraq War background

  2. The invasion of Iraq

  3. Current events and the relevance of the Iraq conflict on the international scene

  4. International Law Analysis: United Nations Security Council Resolutions

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