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Israel and Palestine: a spiral of violence

An update on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

April 2023

Tierra Santa is the scene of a catastrophic spiral once more. The brutal and regrettably ongoing escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine once again brings one of the longest-running conflicts in recent history to the fore. A conflict that dates back to with Israel's victory in the Six-Day War and the occupation of Gaza, Cisjordania, and Jerusalem as its focal points, where the three main monotheistic religions and the three continents meet.

But what is the origin of this new escalation in the conflict? We must return to two pertinent political processes in the pipeline in order to respond to the question. On the one hand, in Israel's last parliamentary elections held in November 2022, where the current President of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, was elected, allying himself with Islamophobic parties and shaping an extremist and ultra-nationalist government, with "racist and anti-Arab" ministers where violence has become the only language. The second is a massive popular mobilization against the Justice reform, which has been met with ongoing protests by hundreds of thousands of Israelis since January 2023. All of this has sparked intolerable bloodshed between Israel and Palestine, which has resulted in the current crisis that threatens the regional status quo.

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