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"NATO after the Madrid Summit" conference

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October 2022

NATO held its last Summit last June 2022 in Madrid. International opinion agrees: both the Summit and its organization were a success for the Alliance, and Spain can proudly boast of having hosted the event. As if this were not enough, during the Summit the Alliance approved the current Strategic Concept, which is expected to be in force for the next decade and has established NATO's action priorities during that time.

INCIPE, the Institute for International Affairs and Foreign Policy, organized a conference on October 20 entitled "NATO after the Madrid Summit". Reputable panelists took the floor during that morning, which featured Admiral (R) Juan Francisco Martínez, Secretary General for Defense Policy at the Ministry of Defense; Álvaro Ortega, Deputy Director General for Foreign and Security Policy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Miguel Peco-Yeste, policy advisor at NATO's Policy Planning Unit; Mariola Urrea, professor of International Law at University of La Rioja; Adolfo Menéndez, president of the Spanish Atlantic Association; Colonel Jose Luis Calvo, director of the Security and Defense Studies Division of the Ministry of Defense; or Félix Arteaga, researcher in security and defense for the Real Instituto Elcano.


  1. Introduction

  2. NATO and the new Strategic Concept of Madrid

  3. The war in Ukraine and its impact on European security

  4. Issues of relevance and impact for Spain

  5. Conclusions

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