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NATO, the Mediterranean and the New Strategic Concept

New solutions to old difficulties

December 2022

At first glance, NATO's own internal capacities for military projection could postulate it, not as a state, but as a militarily hegemonic organization in the Mediterranean region, in which it has already been present through military support in some political initiatives, as will be seen below.

NATO was present in the context of the protests that led to the fall of Gaddafi in 2011, through Operation Unified Protector, aimed at applying the arms embargo and establishing a no-fly zone. Along with it, and by application of Article 5 of the Treaty, in defense and protection against terrorist activities, the presence of the Alliance in the Mediterranean occurred under the umbrella of Operation Active Endevour, which was replaced in 2016 by Operation Sea Guardian, which is currently still active and with a broader mandate than its predecessor .

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