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NATO´s anniversary and future challenges

On April 4, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization celebrated its 72nd anniversary. On this important date, the Spanish Youth Atlantic Treaty Association wanted to recognize all the achievements of the organization as well as the role it will play in our future.

Although this celebration seems just another year among many others, NATO members should symbolically renew their vote of confidence in the organization and continue to bet on it for another year. Countries such as North Macedonia celebrate this year their first anniversary since joining NATO, but countries such as Spain celebrate their 39th anniversary in the organization on May 30. In addition, this year marks 35 years since Spain renewed its confidence through a referendum on remaining in NATO.

Events such as the COVID crisis have shown us the need for support that countries need from organizations such as NATO. Despite its political-military nature, during the pandemic, many member states and allied countries have been able to benefit from the assistance offered by NATO. Along with this threat, we have been involved in many others which know no obstacles. In the Secretary General's 2021 report, issues such as counter-terrorism and protection from external threats have been highlighted.

NATO faces a complex environment. The pressure by Russia, through the increased presence of military troops on the border with Ukraine, remains a reality which has been increasing in recent months, igniting the alerts of NATO members. At the same time, the increasing power of countries such as China has been one of the topics discussed by the Secretary General, who stresses that the alliance is prepared to face any problem that may emerge and put our security at risk. Likewise, hybrid and security threats are making our day-to-day life more difficult at the same time as technologies are advancing. In short, NATO faces a wide variety of risks and obstacles in its near future.

The role that NATO will play in these challenges is very relevant, which is why, as a novelty in 2020, the NATO 2030 initiative was launched to investigate the lines of work that the organization should follow to address the problems previously raised. YATA Spain invites you to read the NATO 2030 report.

Although this year only marks one more year on the calendar, all NATO members should be celebrating. Thanks to the alliance we have been able to maintain our security and strengthen our protection against COVID threats. Renewed confidence in NATO is essential, and even more so today, and that is why we must invest in it.

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