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A new era in Israel-Morocco relations

Arab-Sionist cooperation

March 2022

December 2020 was a key date for Arab-Israeli relations. This same month saw rapprochements between some of the Arab monarchies, such as Morocco, Bahrein or the Arab Emirates with the State of Israel. We will highlight the bilateral relations between Israel and Morocco, emphasizing the U.S. influence on these rapprochements.

To understand this present event, we must look back and analyze the historical ties between the Jewish community and Morocco. More than one million Israelis are of Moroccan origin; Morocco maintains a Jewish community whose rights are recognized by the 2011 Constitution. Despite this, the Alawite kingdom has tended to position itself alongside Palestine since 1948. Morocco’s civil society has made its position very clear in numerous demonstrations in favor of Palestine. But today this situation has changed. This article will make a brief recapitulation of the cooperative panorama of both countries in political and security terms. (Read more)


Image source: U.S. Embassy Jerusalem.

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