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North Korea cyber capabilities: cyberespionage, cryptocurrency, and intellectual property

The short and long-term interests of North Korea

March 2023

North Korea has been increasingly developing and improving its cyber capabilities during the last few years, constituting a relevant threat in the current landscape due to its advanced capacity and high level of sophistication. The government of North Korea – officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has focused its cyber development on several primary objectives:

· Collection of intelligence (cyberespionage)

· Perpetration cyberattacks (both for espionage and disruption)

· Economic benefit

In general, actors and groups sponsored by the North Korean regime align with both the immediate and long-standing interests of the country in relation with national security, politics and finances.


  1. Cyberespionage

  2. Cryptocurrency

  3. Intellectual Property: the COVID-19 vaccine

  4. Conclusion

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