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On the Pentagon’s Leaked Documents

A summary of the leaked intelligence assessments on the Ukrainian War

April 2023

In April 2023, two sets of classified documents of the United States began circulating on Twitter, Telegram, and 4chan. The documents are primarily related to the Russo-Ukrainian War but also included foreign intelligence assessments concerning nations including North Korea, China, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates. Jack Teixeira, an Airman First Class (E3 NATO) of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, allegedly photographed printouts of the documents at his parents’ home in Dighton, Massachusetts and posted them to the instant messaging platform Discord on a server named "Thug Shaker Central". The alleged leaker has already been arrested and is currently under trial.


  1. The Spring Counteroffensive

  2. The Ukrainian Air Defence

  3. The delivery of 155mm South-Korean ammunitions

  4. Casualties, sustainability and attrition

  5. Formation of new brigades

  6. JDAM-ER kit

  7. Diplomatic Information

  8. NATO SOF Units in Ukraine.

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