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ROAD TO NATO SUMMIT 2022: Conventional and non-conventional threats

With Mr. Colonel Ignacio Fuente Cobo & Mr. Joel Diaz Rodriguez

June 2022

The 32nd North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit, where heads of state and heads of government of all NATO member countries gather to evaluate and provide strategic direction for Alliance activities, will be held in Madrid, Spain during, probably, the second most decisive moment in the history of the Alliance, only after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Whilst witnessing the rapidly evolving and increasingly convulse security context, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the consequent shattering of peace in Europe and the rules-based international order, and continuing our commitment towards educating the next generation of leaders through the dissemination of national and international defense and security knowledge, the Spanish Atlantic Youth Council has paved the road to the NATO summit through a series of expert panels where the global youth and international security experts had the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas regarding the future of the Alliance.

The fourth panel, Conventional and Non-conventional Threats, was shared between Mr. Colonel Ignacio Fuente Cobo, current Senior Analyst at the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies (IEEE), and Mr. Joel Diaz Rodriguez, International Affairs Analyst, and collaborator of the IEEE. They reminded us of the old and identified the new fronts NATO will have to face in the coming years and forewarned the global youth that NATO has become more necessary than ever before.

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