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ROAD TO NATO SUMMIT 2022: Expert Panels Opening

With Ms. Carmen Romero

June 2022

The Spanish Youth Atlantic Treaty Association – COAJE organized the event: “Road to NATO Summit 2022” from the 14th to the 17th of June in Madrid, Spain, in view of the NATO Summit that will be held in Madrid from the 28th to the 30th of June. This event presented with a hybrid format served as a precursor to the aforementioned NATO Summit, and it aimed to address, through a series of lectures given by both military and civilians, current issues of special interest to NATO, such as the Alliance’s South and East strategic front, the new NATO Security Concept, the Coronavirus crisis or the recent invasion of Ukraine and its consequences at the international level, taking into account discipline such as cybersecurity, deterrence or defense. In addition, a series of workshops and seminars took place during those events, allowing all attendees to participate, as well as enjoy an institutional visit to ALA 12, Torrejón de Ardoz Air Base in Madrid.

On Wednesday June 15th, the expert panel was held at the Centro Cultural de los Ejércitos, in Madrid, with the presence of large crowds of attendees, from both the civilian and the military fields, with students, academics and professionals interested in this panel of experts.

The Opening of the session was covered by Mrs. Carmen Romero, NATO Deputy Secretary General for Diplomatic Affairs, who has been part of NATO since 2004 and in her current position since 2016, from NATO’s headquarters in Brussels. Carmen Romero is considered the most powerful woman in NATO, the most important Spanish diplomat in the organization, and has collaborated many times with COAJE for various events in the last years. Mrs. Romero’s opening speech introduced us to NATO, its main challenges nowadays, and the importance of the Madrid Summit for the organization.

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