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San Fernando Festivity

San Fernando, its origin dates back to 1978. It is a military festival that values the work of all the military both inside and outside the borders.

Last year, all those who participated in Operation Balmis were reminded, under the slogan: «To save lives, where our military, civil guards and police have worked in many functions to guarantee the safety, supplies and health of the citizens ».

This year the celebration has been presided over by Don Felipe and Doña Leticia, in a simple and short ceremony without the great military parade, as a result of the pandemic.

The ceremony took place in the Plaza de la Lealtad in Madrid, where it was possible to pay tribute to the fallen and which 500 people were able to attend.

This year, events have not taken place outside Madrid either, in order to avoid crowds.

Something that could not be missing, was the Eagle Patrol that painted the sky of Madrid with the flag of Spain, later, a parade of 300 meters of travel took place in which five companies of the Armies, the Navy, have been able to participate. the Civil Guard and the Royal Guard, all from Madrid in order to avoid displacement.

After the parade, the King was able to go to the General Staff headquarters, where he has held several videoconferences with the different military units, let us remember that last year the celebration of this day could only be in this way.

He has been able to share a few words with the ship Juan Sebastián Elcano, which is commemorating the V centenary of the deed of Magellan and Elcano, with the Legion that celebrates its first centenary and with the bases of Getafe, Tablada, León and Zaragoza.

Not only have their Majesties been, but in the Plaza de la Lealtad they have been able to see the current Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska and members of the military leadership and the Ministry of Defense. Defending. In addition to the president still in office, Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the mayor of the city José Luis Martínez Almeida.

Minister Robles has been able to highlight the importance of the Armed Forces, recalling that they are where they should be and with whom they should be.

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