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Southern flank and jihadism: Morocco as a hot spot

Consequences to Spanish security

March 2023

If we carry out a study of the origin of the main jihadist terrorists in Spain, we will ultimately observe a huge foreign component. Having focussed the study, we conclude that the provenance or origin of these individuals is directly related to the geographical area of the Rif. On the other hand, focusing on the small percentage of Spanish terrorists, they are basically grouped in three geographical areas: Ceuta, Melilla and Catalonia, that is why they are called "hot spots" when it comes to this issue.

According to the data provided by Real Instituto Elcano, we can see that the largest component in terms of nationality of terrorists operating in Spain is of Moroccan origin (regardless of the fact that when they are identified they are already in possession of Spanish nationality). Secondly, and to a much lesser extent, we find among the jihadists Spanish citizenship, partly as a result of indoctrination and because they are Spanish nationalized but also of foreign origin. Lastly, we find nationalities from the MENA region.

As mentioned above, the country that has the greatest weight in terms of terrorist components in Spain is Morocco. This is mainly due to the migratory flows coming from the Alaouite country, since it is the closest Islamic country to our borders (on several occasions, placed in dubious recognition on their part).


  1. But why does Morocco have such an important role to play in the jihadist terrorism that we Spaniards suffer directly from?

  2. Causes and MENAP area

  3. Key factors

  4. National and overall security

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