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The Spanish Armada against the Moroccan Navy

Image. Spanish Navy conducting an anti-air missile firing exercise (LANMIS 01/14) in the Gulf of Cadiz (4th- 6th October, 2014). Source: Armada.

A comparison of two navies

April 2022

Is Spain ready to confront a naval war against its southern neighbor in case of aggression? What are its capabilities? Do they fulfill its mission fair enough? How can they be improved? In this article an answer to all these interesting questions will be provided. The answers will be formulated from a military and economic point of view, having in regard the Spanish defense policies. Before answering all those questions it is necessary to know first some important information.


  • Offensive and defensive capabilities of the modern ships in the Naval warfare of the XXI siècle

  • How the navy´s capabilities of a country are planned

  • Capabilities of the Spanish Armada nowadays

  • Simulation of the development of the possible conflict and the performance of the Armada in it

  • Improvements measures and future investments

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