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The Hungarian electoral system

Hungary elections 2022

April 2022

The electoral system works as a connector between the sovereignty of the people and the representative democracy. The legitimacy of democracy will depend, among other aspects, on its proper functioning.

Hungary has a mixed electoral system, where a parliament of 199 deputies is elected. On the one hand, 106 of the members of Parliament are elected by a majoritarian system in one member constituencies. On the other hand, 93 on proportional lists, with a compensatory mechanism. In the proportional system, there is a threshold of 5% for single parties, 10% for joint lists of two parties, and 15% for joint lists of more than two parties. There is a partial compensation orientated to ensure a more proportional result. The votes that are not computed in the majority system are counted in the proportional system (as long as the party has presented a national list).

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