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"Our Strenght is Intelligence": the 20th anniversary of the National Intelligence Center

CNI: The Spanish Intelligence Center

March 2022

Nowadays, intelligence is the best defense of a country. That is why, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the CNI (Centro Nacional de Inteligencia in Spanish) has launched a video forwarding its constant work with which they aim to protect the future and the way of life of all Spaniards. The release coincides in the middle of the Russian invasion of Ukraine with which we have been able to acknowledge the important role played by the intelligence services.

However, many people before the release of the video and even after it, did not know exactly what the CNI and its modus operandi is beyond obtaining information. That is why the aim of this article is to give a deeper understanding of this organism as well as its work.


  • What is the CNI?

  • How does the CNI work?

  • "Our strength is intelligence"

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