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VIIth YOUTH MEDITERRANEAN DIALOGUE: Cooperative Security in the Mediterranean

YMD 2023 - Workshop 2

September 2023

Since the inception of the first century, the 9/11 terrorist attacks have cast a profound shadow over the Mediterranean region, leaving an indelible mark on its trajectory. These seminal events engendered a pervasive atmosphere of distrust, constituting a substantial regression from the era of international cooperation witnessed during the 19th century. Today, more than two decades hence, we find ourselves grappling with an increasingly intricate web of challenges. The financial crisis of 2008, the Arab Uprising since 2011, the 2019 pandemic, and, most recently, the Ukrainian war since 2022 have collectively sown the seeds of perpetual instability. These crises have fomented a surge in violence, particularly pronounced in the Sahel region.

In this document we reflect the main points that have been discussed in this section by the expert:

  • Ms. María Dolores Algora, Senior researcher at the Center for International Security at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria.

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