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The Western Sahara: different perspectives

Territorial dispute in Africa

February 2022

On February 27, 1976, the Saharawi National Council proclaimed the establishment of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, in a village known as Bir Lehlú. After three decades of paralysis, tensions have put this conflict back on the map.

As the time passes by, more actors are involved in the conflict of the Western Sahara, making it even more difficult to tackle. Besides the nation involved in the conflict “by nature”, such as Morocco and Spain; the United States, Argelia and other international actors like the European Union acquire an important role, whose perspectives seem to be essential for the development and resolution of the territorial divergence.


  • The United States and Morocco.

  • Spain and Morocco.

  • What happens with Algeria?

  • The EU’s role regarding the Western Sahara.

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