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What's happening with ISIS?

Terrorism: The 'Islamic State'

February 2022

In 2019, the Kurdish forces proclaimed the territorial defeat of the terrorist organization ISIS, after the fall of their last bastion in Baghuz. However, there remained the sleeper cells, hidden in sympathizer places. Besides, there are more than 10.000 prisoners in Syria and Iraq, among them there also foreign fighters, and there are as well more than 75.000 women and children captive in detention camps, such as the Al-Hawl and Al-Roj. They are all affiliated to ISIS and its ideology, that’s why they are considered by experts as a “time bomb”.

Almost three years later, in January 2022, the remanent caliphate has resurged in Syria. The aim of the attack was the liberation attempt of hundreds of jihadists prisoners from one of the penitentiaries under control of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the one situated in Al-Hasakah, at the northeast of Syria, in order to recruit the 3.500 exfighters to join the sleeper cells and reestablish what they were once. (Read more)


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