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YATA Spain — COAJE held the "Road to NATO 2022 Summit" event on June 14-17 2022, an in-person gathering aimed at students, young experts and those interested in the fields of international Security and Defence, that served as a precursor to this year's Madrid NATO Summit. 


During the event, participants took part in a series of workshops and seminars held at a military residence, on themes linked to current issues of special interest to NATO; and they also had the opportunity to do an institutional visit to the Ala 12 military air base. Moreover, an open conference was organized for both participants and the wider public, on June 15, in hybrid format. The session took place in the Military Casino in Madrid, where military and civilian personnel lectured us on the Alliance's South and East strategic flanks or the recent invasion of Ukraine and its consequences at the international level, taking into account disciplines such as cybersecurity, deterrence or defence.

Thanks to the funding received from our sponsors, we managed to cover most of the expenses related to the organization of the event, accommodation, flights and fee for participants and speakers, and transportation to the different locations where activities were performed. From YATA Spain — COAJE we aim to promote relations among young people from NATO member countries and partners (Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, Mediterranean Dialogue, Partnership for Peace, etc.), in order to create a network of contacts and joint collaborations for International Security and Defense.

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