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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a political and military alliance, created to ensure and promote security and stability in the North Atlantic Area. NATO is also committed to the resolution of crisis beyond its borders and to the support of its partners worldwide. Due to this international scope, more than twenty years ago NATO created the Mediterranean Dialogue Initiative with the aim "to create good relation and better mutual understanding and confidence throughout the region, promoting regional security and stability in adittion to explaining NATO's policies and goals”.

COAJE, the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Spain, strongly believes that it is time to call on new generations to give them the chance to be heard. It is within this framework that we consider Madrid, the capital of the Kingdom of Spain, the geopolitical and natural connection between our two seas and therefore, between the Euro-Atlantic region and the Mediterranean region, the ideal place to bring together students and young professionals, passionate about international security and defense, to debate about the role of NATO in the world, its capacities and its biggest challenges.

Our program aims to raise awareness on the major political and security issues that our world faces, demonstrate the need to work together as one in the international world, and be a vehicle for our young generation to get involved in finding solutions for building peace and stability.

Participants learn the importance of the Alliance when it comes to global peace, security and stability. Having the opportunity to attend academic conferences given by experts on Mediterranean security issues, visit military and civil institutions and facilities as well as to learn from military officers, diplomats and representatives of defense industry.


YMD 2019

  1. The evolution of threats to International Security: tackiling cybersecurity and climate change.

  2. Future of the MENA region: NATO’s strategy for the next decade. 

  3. International terrorism: towards a new wave of Jihadist terrorism?

YMD 2018

  1. NATO and the EU’s Strategy in the South. Libya.

  2. Towards Northern Africa and terrorism in MENA.

  3. Even further, to the East: Afghanistan and Yemen.

YMD 2017

  1. 360 Degrees: investing in capabilities for credible deterrence.

  2. A maritime approach: the protection of the Mediterranean Sea.

  3. A comprehensive approach to the Middle East.

  4. Projecting stability in the South: cooperative security in North Africa.

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